College Tours - Frequently Asked Questions


How was I selected?

Our selection criteria include statistical leaders, all-conference recognition, and coaches’ recommendations. We also receive recommendations from Tour Alumni.

Can I invite my teammates?

Yes, you can! Share the link to our program application: While sport accolades and statistics are two of the primary criteria for the selection of our program's participants, we recognize that every successful team has impactful players whose value is not represented in numbers and awards. We seek to fill our rosters with student-athletes who demonstrate leadership, a passion for their sport, and enthusiasm to engage in a cross-cultural experience!

Who will be my coach?

Each Beyond Sports team is coached by an NCAA or NAIA coach from a US-based school. Many of our tour coaches have traveled with us in the past as a part of an international team trip or a previous college tour.

How many players are on each roster?

To ensure relatively equal playing time for each player, rosters are limited to a sport-specific size; 8-10 players for basketball, 15-18 for soccer, 8-14 for volleyball, etc. If we have to exceed roster limits, an additional game is added to the schedule to ensure ample playing time for each athlete.

Who will the teams play against?

Our Beyond Sports teams compete against local school and club teams that have been selected to match the competition level of our student-athletes.

Can I apply for the tour if I was not invited?

Yes! You can submit an online application here. Our staff will review your application within a week.

Travel Logistics

How does the airfare work?

Airfare is included in the cost of all college tour programs (except Costa Rica programs) from a hub airport. This means that Beyond Sports offers 1-3 large airports in the US from which participants can travel with the group. Hub airports vary for each tour, please refer to your invitation for your hub airport options. Getting to/from the hub airport is not included in the program cost and is the responsibility of each participant. During registration, travelers will select their preferred hub airport and submit all necessary travel information for us to book their group airfare.
Participants are not required to travel with the group from a hub airport. Some families find it more cost-effective to book airfare directly from their home airport to the destination. In this case, participants can opt-out of the group airfare in their registration and the cost of airfare will be deducted from their program cost. If traveling independently, our staff will meet you at the airport upon your arrival to your tour destination. Transportation to and from the airport in-country will be provided. Please contact a Beyond Sports Program Coordinator for your tour’s specific flight deduction.

What are the hotel accommodations?

All of our accommodations are 3- to 4-star hotels. We strive to find centrally-located hotels that provide both safe and comfortable accommodations. Past participants have found that our accommodations meet or exceed the quality that they experience when traveling with their collegiate teams.

How do I plan for my trip?

Beyond Sports does the planning for you! Our staff is available to answer questions anytime via video conference, phone, text, or email. Feel free to schedule a call with us here. Once registration is complete, you can expect to receive hub airport information at least four months before departure, a pre-departure guide (packing list, staff contact info, detailed itinerary, etc.) four to six weeks before departure, and final travel reminders two weeks before departure.

Who is chaperoning the trip?

A bilingual Beyond Sports tour guide (for applicable destinations) and tour coach are with the group for the duration of the trip. Our tour guide will focus on organizing logistics, meals, and culturally enriching excursions while the tour coach is building a positive team environment.

Can I request a roommate?

We will accommodate roommate requests to the best of our ability. We always assume teammates will want to room together, but if you have a friend from another school/team joining the tour be sure to let us know during the registration process.

What additional costs will I occur during the trip?

Students will be responsible for covering one meal per day (either lunch or dinner), except on our Costa Rica tours (where we provide 3 meals daily). For the lunch/dinner that is not provided, the group will break into small groups to enjoy the local cuisine, allowing students to order according to their own pace and budget. We recommend $15/day for independent meals.

Passport application fees and checked baggage costs are also not included in the program total. The only other additional costs students may incur are snack and souvenir purchases.

Health & Safety

Will I need any additional shots or vaccines?

No special vaccinations are required for travel to any of our locations. However, every person has a unique medical history. Please consult your physician if you have any concerns regarding your son/daughter's medical history. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) can provide additional information regarding health-safety protocols for specific countries.

What if I have a food allergy or dietary restriction?

During the registration process, you will note allergies, dietary restrictions, and any medical issues. While most allergies are easily accommodated, in some cases we may reach out to discuss your allergies in greater detail. If you have a specific concern, please do not hesitate to connect with us prior to your trip.

What if I become sick or injured during the trip?

All travelers are covered by GeoBlue Health Insurance, a world leader in international student health insurance, for the duration of the trip (view our full policy here). In the event of injury or illness, you will have access to the top private clinics and hospitals in the country. Our staff are trained to evaluate the situation and ensure each student receives appropriate medical attention.

Is an athletic trainer available during the trip?

If available and upon request, basic services are provided by the local club teams, such as ice, towels, and water. For any significant injuries, players will be taken to a local clinic or hospital (see GeoBlue Health Insurance). Players should bring any supplemental equipment they may need (knee/ankle braces, athletic tape, etc).