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Hear from our tour alumni about their own abroad experiences!

Jordan L.
Costa Rica Soccer

Honestly the whole tour was perfect! You get to go on adventures and meet friends that you will have for life. You get to make an impact on kids' lives and they will remember it forever. Trust the process because in the end you will come out with many memories and experiences that you will never forget!


Alexa C.
Italy Softball

My favorite part of the trip in Italy was learning about the history and exploring the famous cities of Italy. I loved Northern Italy and Switzerland, the culture and food was so different from what I experience in the States. I loved every moment of this trip!


Kessie J.
Spain Women's Basketball

I would have to say the games, community service activity, and making new friends would be my favorite aspects of the trip. I enjoyed seeing how other teams play basketball compared to how we play in America. I also enjoyed connecting with local youth during our community service activity. Making friends with complete strangers was absolutely amazing because we became so close so fast! If you are unsure about attending a Beyond Sports Tour, I would definitely recommend following your heart and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.


Cassandra N.
Australia Women's Lacrosse

This tour truly was worth the money! I experienced not only playing internationally, but also got to meet girls from all over the US that have similar interests because we all play the same sport! We also got to experience an amazing country along the way too!


Sarah T.
Italy Softball

I met some of the greatest people on my trip, and have continued to keep in contact and grow our friendships. The group of athletes you'll go with will be experiencing everything with you and sharing a lifetime memory with you. I undoubtedly would tell anyone who can go, to go and see the world. We've worked hard to be where we are at athletically, and you get to experience a lifetime dream while playing the sport you love.


Haley J.
Spain Women's Soccer

There is no better way to travel to another country! You have the opportunity to play the sport you love, meet amazing people, experience another culture, and make life long memories. You get the whole package when you travel with Beyond Sports.


Madison G.
Italy Softball

I fell in love with traveling through Beyond Sports. I got to do things I never would have done and meet people from all over. You create a bond with the other girls on the trip too and create life long friends.


Hagan G.
Spain Women's Soccer

Beyond Sports Tours are some of the most remarkable experiences Iove been able to enjoy. They are once in a lifetime opportunities and no one should miss the chance to go on one. If you are unsure about if you would like a trip, I would say to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people and experience new places! I have met some of my lifelong friends on these trips, and I never would've met them if I didn't go on a tour. These trips bring us back together once a year and I couldn’t be more grateful for these opportunities to be together for the love of the game.


Nathan B.
Spain Men's Basketball

I met a lot of cool people that without this tour I would of never met. The games were a lot of fun and my teammates were very energetic and funny. Don't be shy, be willing to meet new people because you never know who you'll meet. My teammates were so much fun!


Samantha G.
Australia Women's Lacrosse

Take the risk and go on the tour. My favorite location was swimming in the Great Barrier Reef. I made some long lasting friends, learned more than I imagined of Australian culture, and became a more confident lacrosse player!


Sam S.
Spain Women's Soccer 

It is an absolutely incredible experience to be able to play the sport you love while also experiencing another country. Step out of your comfort zone by trying new things and making new friends. You'll have memories from these tours that you'll cherish and remember forever.


Gabrielle O.
Australia Women's Lacrosse

Not many people can say they traveled to Australia let alone play a sport that they love! I was able to meet so many amazing girls during this trip which made it that much more enjoyable and I had the chance to play lacrosse in Australia which many people would never do! I was so nervous and afraid but when I thought about it, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have some of the best memories from this trip and I would do it all over again if I could.


Juliena D.
Australia Women's Lacrosse

My Beyond Sports Tour experience was absolutely astonishing. We were able to go to different parts of Australia and experience different cultures and people in every place. I was able to meet new people, and make an inseparable bond with them. The girls I met will forever be my teammates.


Jenna H.
Costa Rica Volleyball

I met some lifelong friends through Beyond Sports! I had the opportunity to play the sport I love with new and exciting people that have their own set of talents and coaches that can give a different perspective and insight to help you be the best player you can be.

Jenna H..jpeg

Erin C.
Costa Rica Volleyball 

I have never been out of the country before. Being able to experience a new culture is truly something everyone needs to see. We got to try so many different foods and drinks that I am still craving, meet adorable children at local schools teaching them new games and sports, play volleyball against the Costa Rican national team, and go to once in a lifetime tourist destinations. With the little time you have down there, you get to witness more than you can imagine. Going on this trip was one of the best decisions I have ever made!


Ashley P.
Spain Women's Volleyball

Beyond Sports provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to play the sport you love in a foreign country. It is so much fun and you will make memories that will last a lifetime! I enjoyed having the opportunity to experience a different culture and I loved every part of the trip from sightseeing, to playing, and making new friends!

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