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Passion that Translates

With 13 years of experience in the travel industry, we have developed a reputation for providing unrivaled customer service and an unforgettable experience. We are passionate about providing transformational international travel experiences for student-athletes––that passion translates into everything we do.

College Tour Testimonials

College Tour Testimonials

IMG_7139 - Maggie Bourgholtzer.jpeg

Maggie B. | Italy Women's Volleyball Tour, 2023

"This is quite literally the opportunity of a lifetime. Between learning about a culture that is so different from ours to meeting some of the best friends. It truly is such a unique experience. On top of that, it definitely has helped me expand my knowledge of the game as well!"

IMG_5594 - Alyssa Hamilton.jpeg

Alyssa H. | Italy Softball Tour, 2023

"This tour was so exciting and exceeded every expectation. I was scared about going to a new country by myself with people I didn’t know, but once I went to the airport and started to meet all of the girls, my fears disappeared because a lot of them were in a similar situation and it made us grow closer to each other. I loved getting to visit the country on the top of my bucket list and not only that, but I got to play softball. I had the time of my life and would go back in a heart beat if I ever got the opportunity to do so again."

IMG_7872 - Aric Belanger.jpeg

Aric B. | Spain Men's Soccer Tour, 2023

"I thoroughly enjoyed being able to compete against some of the best talents in the world, while being able to enjoy the culture of the country I was competing in. The most eye-opening part of my experience was seeing how quickly my teammates and I all became so close, I never expected the group to build the camaraderie we did in such a short amount of time."

Image by Cristina Gottardi

Accompanying Family Member | Italy Softball Tour, 2023

"I believe there was a lot of value for the cost of each participant. To have achieved the far reaching travel, competition, accommodations, transportation and meals independently--I think I would have spent far more and risked being dis-satisfied. The tour removed all of the risk, and did ALL the hard work!!"

image2 - Matthew Johann.jpeg

Tour Coach | Italy Men's Volleyball Tour, 2023

"I loved the opportunities to explore on our own, while fostering a deep connection with others through the sport that we all love so dearly. Thank you so much to the staff who works frivolously all year to make these trips happen. It is impressive to have the freedom that we all were able to have with such big groups. I would do this trip every year if available!"

australian trip - Carrie Clark.jpg

Accompanying Family Member | Australia DI Softball Tour, 2023

"Everything was planned out daily and the tour guides were awesome! The hotel stays were amazing and right in the middle of a lot to do within walking distance! The Sanctuary we went to do for hands on experience with Australian wildlife was my favorite. From our hosts to tour guides, coaches, parents, players and bus drivers everyone was amazing! Highly recommend if you get the chance to go......GO!"

IMG_6901 - Brooke Hoag.jpeg

Brooke H. | Australia Women's Lacrosse Tour, 2023

"I was nervous about attending and going to a different country without my family and with people I didn’t know. It was by far one of the best experiences I’ve had. I met amazing people along the way and got to explore a whole new country, cities, and culture! Thank you to Beyond Sports for the experience and all of the work that went into planning and execution! This is a trip I will remember for the rest of my life without a doubt!!"

93fee6f6-d5fe-4465-953a-b0ea4e39dfcb - Courtney Tucker.JPG

Tour Coach | Italy Softball Tour, 2023

"You won't regret the decision to say YES! It is a great experience to play your sport, travel to see another country and create memories with new friends! I had a great experience and would recommend this organization to anyone!! From beginning to end the staff and our tour guides we AMAZING!! Super grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the program."


Jaz G. | Spain Women's Basketball Tour, 2023

"I learned so many things about Spanish culture as well as basketball too. Euro basketball is very different than the basketball played in America which opened my eyes to many things. I also loved playing with girls that take this game so seriously. I loved learning about the 5 cities we stopped in; my favorite was Toledo. The history runs deep and I am so blessed to have gotten a taste of it."


Jordan L. | Costa Rica Women's Soccer Tour, 2019

"Honestly the whole tour was perfect! You get to go on adventures and meet friends that you will have for life. You get to make an impact on kids' lives and they will remember it forever. Trust the process because in the end you will come out with many memories and experiences that you will never forget!"


Gabrielle O. | Australia Women's Lacrosse Tour, 2019

"Not many people can say they traveled to Australia let alone play a sport that they love! I was able to meet so many amazing girls during this trip which made it that much more enjoyable and I had the chance to play lacrosse in Australia which many people would never do! I was so nervous and afraid but when I thought about it, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have some of the best memories from this trip and I would do it all over again if I could."


Erin C. | Costa Rica Women's Volleyball Tour, 2019

"I have never been out of the country before. Being able to experience a new culture is truly something everyone needs to see. We got to try so many different foods and drinks that I am still craving, meet adorable children at local schools teaching them new games and sports, play volleyball against the Costa Rican national team, and go to once in a lifetime tourist destinations. With the little time you have down there, you get to witness more than you can imagine. Going on this trip was one of the best decisions I have ever made!"

HS Tour Testimonials

High School Tour Testimonials

20230810_194358_0898E2 - Margaret Berry.jpeg

Maggie B. | Australia Girl's Lacrosse Tour, 2023

"Going on the beyond sports tour was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. It was a scary decision to make at first because of the amount of traveling and being by myself but I got to branch out with new people. I created friends that I still talk to frequently even some from Australia. Seeing a different country then my own was also very eye opening and just a great time in general. Also it's not everyday you get the opportunity to go to a foreign country and play the sport you love so I promise that this will be the best time of your life."


Jayden Y. | Australia Girl's Lacrosse Tour, 2023

"Initially I was scared to leave my family for 10 days to go across the world, but it was so worth it. We ended up playing 3 games and having a few practices. It was great to learn from a group of girls who all had different experience and upbringings. In addition to lacrosse, we talked a lot about leadership and even had multiple leadership sessions with college coaches that were in Australia with us! I had an amazing time and learned so much. I'm so thankful I was nominated for such an amazing opportunity."


Parent of Anna B. | Australia Girl's Lacrosse Tour, 2023

"Our daughter had an amazing time on the Lacrosse and Leadership trip to Australia this summer. She came home with new friendships, wonderful experiences on the lacrosse field coaching and playing with local clubs, gained insight about herself as a leader on and off the field, and a new found love for Australia! They were on the go each day and saw so many sights in Melbourne and Sydney, the Women's World Cup game they attended was a memory for the books! Thank you to the coaches and tour guides for a once in a lifetime adventure!"


Lily H. | Australia Girl's Lacrosse Tour, 2023

"I was on the inaugural high school trip and had the most amazing experience! The trip was a great balance of sports, leadership, and exploring a different part of the world!"

Team Trip Testimonials

Team Trip Testimonials

Coach | Ashland University Men's Basketball Costa Rica Tour, 2023

"It was a fantastic trip with our players and additional travelers! We thoroughly enjoyed our interactions with the country of Costa Rica and the employees of Beyond. From the excursions to the food, and the playing experience, nothing was short of extraordinary! I would highly recommend this trip to anyone in the future. This will not be our last trip with Beyond Sports. Thank you so much!"

Accompanying Family Member | Univ. of Minnesota Duluth Men's Basketball Spain Tour, 2023

"I had a WONDERFUL time from start to finish. The accommodations, the food, the tours, the people. I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you for planning a great experience for us all."

Accompanying Family Member | UCSD Men's & Women's Basketball Italy Tour, 2023

"We had a great trip. Ashlee was amazing and was incredibly helpful. The hotels were lovely and the breakfasts were a big hit! We covered a lot of territory and attractions in a short amount of time. We are seasoned travelers and have never had an experience like this. Highly recommend!"

Accompanying Family Member | Univ. of Minnesota Duluth Men's Basketball Spain Tour, 2023

"Our trip to Spain was an awesome event! Everything was well planned and put together! The tours and the tour guides were phenomenal. This trip was an exceptional experience that I will remember for the rest of my life."

Coach | Bentley Univ. Women's Basketball Greece Tour, 2023

"This will truly be engraved in all of our brains as the trip of a lifetime! Our entire Bentley team had an absolute blast each day with each new adventure! Our guided tours, team meals, down time and the games that were played were all a top notch experience! Bentley Wbball cannot wait to work with this company again! This was our programs 1st European tour and definitely not our last! THANK YOU BEYOND SPORTS!!!!"

Accompany Family Member | Wooster Men's Soccer South Africa Tour, 2023

"The experience we have had with Beyond Sports was excellent from start to finish. Everyone we have had contact with has been very helpful and accommodating. The trip was very well organized and included cultural, athletic and sightseeing opportunities. The highlight of the trip was the visit to Aquila Safari! The accommodations were great, both in Cape Town and Aquila. We are so grateful to Nawaal, Levan, Ethan and Samantha who all went above and beyond to make sure that everything was going well. Levan did a great job keeping our group organized, on time and safe. They are all very personable and a lot of fun to be around. I would absolutely recommend Beyond Sports to any organization planning a trip for a group!"

Accompany Family Member | Wittenberg Univ. Women's Volleyball Greece Tour, 2023

"This was an amazing trip! Our guides Scott and Meri were fantastic and were so helpful if we needed anything! They were fun and personable and really made the trip stress free. The accommodations were great and the trip activities that were planned were so amazing! I can’t say enough wonderful things about this trip and the entire planning of it from start to finish! Kudos to Beyond Sports for really knowing how to do it right!"

Coach | Lion's Volleyball Club Costa Rica Tour, 2023

"Right from the planning stage with Tim and Josh to the actual trip, everything was exceptional! Adrian was our host on our 9 day adventure and what an amazing job he did. His leadership, attention to detail, sense of humor, and care for our team was incredible! We look forward to bringing teams back year after year on this once in a lifetime experience for our athletes!!"

Accompanying Family Member | Michigan Tech Univ. Men's Basketball Greece Tour, 2022

"Beyond Sports planned this trip perfectly! Josh (trip organizer) diligently planned a trip covering six plane rides, two boats, and a large bus for 46 people in busy Athens and Santorini. Accommodations and activities were very high quality, much higher quality than I anticipated. Theo and Kris were our guides throughout the trip, with us every minute. They were pleasant, kind people who were excited about making sure we had a great trip. All in all, I am NOT a group trip fan... but I would go on another trip with Beyond Sports again, no question!"

Student-Athlete | Hope College Women's Basketball Italy Tour, 2022

"This trip was an experience of a lifetime! It was incredible to see the beautiful country of Italy with my teammates while playing the sport I love! The organization and planning that went on behind this trip was outstanding, and really allowed for each individual to get the full experience of a foreign trip. I loved the variety of activities that we did, as well as learning about the historical factors behind each city that we explored. Thank you Beyond Sports for a wonderful trip and the opportunity to experience life long memories!"

Accompanying Family Member | Otterbein Univ. Women's Volleyball Costa Rica Tour, 2022

"We had a great experience!! The places we stayed were great, no issues. Our travel host was fantastic, very informative, knew the area and took care of everything. The bus driver did an outstanding job for all the miles covered. We had the right amount of travel, relaxation and excursions to allow us to see and experience Costa Rica. I would highly recommend this trip to any sports team."

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