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High School Sports Tours

A chance to not only elevate your game but also discover the world and yourself in ways you never imagined.

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Experience the world through your sport!

Strengthen your athletic skills and experience the best of one of our three program destinations during a Beyond Sports high school sports tours.

This summer, we are hosting tours in Spain, Greece, and Costa Rica!

Our international high school tours are designed for athletes who exhibit strong leadership skills and a desire to take their game to the next level. Each nine to ten-day summer tour includes sports training, leadership development, and international adventure.


Our tours are led by current US collegiate coaches and standout former collegiate athletes––who provide students with an insight of playing at the collegiate level, as well as share their experience with what it takes to be a team leader.

Students return home with...

  • Enhanced confidence and independence

  • Knowledge of how to take their game to the next level

  • Greater cultural awareness

  • Connections with likeminded peers and mentors

  • A stimulated sense of adventure!


The industry leader in educational travel for athletes.



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Beyond Sports Alumni


Tour Destinations


Tour Highlights

9 to 10-Day Tours | Summer 2024

  • Work toward your sport goals while immersing yourself in a new culture

  • Receive mentorship from standout collegiate athletes and current college coaches

  • Experience how sports have the power to transform our lives and build global community

  • Surround yourself with likeminded peer leaders in sport

  • Experience the growth that comes with stepping outside your comfort zone

  • Travel comfortably with an all-inclusive tour package, 24/7 Beyond Sports staff accompaniment,​ and full-coverage international health insurance



Program Alum

"Every aspect of the trip was incredible. I had so much fun. I learned about myself and skills that will help me, got to experience so many new things, and met so many amazing people. Being able to play lacrosse, the sport I love, in another country was an opportunity that I would have never imagined would come my way."

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Former Tour Coach

"You won't regret the decision to say YES! It is a great experience to play your sport, travel to see another country and create memories with new friends! I had a great experience and would recommend this organization to anyone!! From beginning to end the staff and our tour guides we AMAZING!! Super grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the program."


Parent of Program Alum

"My daughter keeps telling people that, 'It was the experience of a lifetime, the best thing I've ever done.' To hear these words every time that someone asks makes it worth the cost and nerves of sending her abroad."

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