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GLASS Student Referral Criteria:

  • High School Graduating Class of 2022-2026

  • Student-Athlete (school or club-affiliated)

  • Female


All student referrals will receive a $250 discount opportunity to apply toward their GLASS tuition.


Referral Form

Referral Program Overview


As a participant of the Beyond Sports Referral Program, you can earn cash or credit by referring students to our high school program––the Girls Leadership Academy for Service & Sport (GLASS)For every one of your referrals who enroll in GLASS, you will have the option between $250 cash or $500 Beyond Sports travel credit. (Note: Your referral must enroll in order to receive the reward.)

Referral Process


1. Submit Student Referrals - Enter prospective GLASS student contact information via the form at the top of this page.

2. Stay Tuned for Updates - Once a student is referred, our team will reach out within three business days to inform her of her referral. Each referred student will have three weeks to decide if she'd like to enroll in GLASS this summer––at the end of that three weeks, her $250 referral discount will expire.

3. Earn Rewards -  If one of your referrals enrolls in GLASS, our team will send you an email to let you know! We will present you with the option of $250 cash or $500 Beyond Sports travel credit.


Who do I refer?

We encourage you to connect with your high school sports network to identify GLASS referrals. GLASS is designed for US high school female athletes––all sports, all levels. Here is what we look for in a GLASS participant:

  • Female

  • High school graduating class of 2022 through 2026

  • Student-athlete (school or club-affiliated)

  • Demonstrates a readiness to go beyond her comfort zone

  • Demonstrates an investment in her personal growth

  • Demonstrates established or emerging leadership skills

GLASS Resources

Because your referral program rewards are contingent upon whether or not your referrals enroll in GLASS, we recommend familiarizing yourself with GLASS so that you can generate excitement for your referrals. Below, we've linked several GLASS resources for you. 

We also encourage you to download and share these resources with your referrals and their families!



Referral Program FAQS

What happens after I submit a referral?
Our team will reach out to your referral within one business day to share information about her referral and GLASS program information. One of our enrollment advisors will help the student and her family decide if GLASS is a good fit for her.

Is there a referral deadline?
No, we do not have a deadline by which you need to refer students. However, we recommend referring students as early as possible because students' summer schedules will begin to fill up in the spring.

How many students can I refer?
You can refer as many students do you like.

Do my referrals receive a discount for GLASS?
Yes! All referrals will receive a $250 discount to apply toward their GLASS experience.

If you have additional questions, please email Annika at


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