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Referral Program

Earn Cash or Credit with Beyond Sports!

Are you a college athlete who is passionate about empowering women through sport? Our referral program is an opportunity to earn cash or credit by helping us promote our high school Beyond Sports program––the Girls Leadership Academy for Service & Sport (GLASS)For every referral that enrolls in GLASS, you will receive $250 cash or $500 Beyond Sports credit. 

How It Works


Sign Up

Signing up is free and will take less than a minute. Once you sign up to participate in our Referral Program, we'll email you the link to our referral form.


Refer Students

Submit the names and contact information for high school students from your network who might be interested in the Girls Leadership Academy for Service & Sport (GLASS).


Earn Cash

For every one of your referrals who enroll in GLASS, you will receive $250 cash or $500 Beyond Sports credit––your choice! 


Girls Leadership Academy for
Service & Sport

An international leadership development program designed to help high school female athletes unleash their full potential on and off the field of play.

Each 10-Day Session Includes:

  • Sports-performance training

  • Service-learning projects

  • Leadership development workshops

  • Mentorship from former NCAA student-athletes

  • Culturally-immersive adventure!



What People Say

"GLASS improved me as a person, and I notice, even in everyday life, how I absolutely am a better, more confident leader. You cannot get a life-changing experience this amazing anywhere else."

Adella D.


"As a coach, it sounded good, but I just didn't know. I hoped this would offer her a transformative experience and not just a cushy vacation. She somehow got both and so much more. They had lots of fun, but Reilly came back more confident than when she left. The outings and the beach trips were totally earned and the training and insight from college athletes inspiring."

Taryn R.


"GLASS was transformative for Erin. The whole experience allowed her to step outside of her comfort zone and learn so much about herself and her potential. The mentors were amazing role models. She returned energized and confident. She absolutely loved the experience. Worth every penny!"

Maura D.



GLASS students return home with...

  • greater confidence and independence

  • enhanced understandings of the leadership skills learned through sport

  • a dynamic network of stand-out peers and mentors

  • broader awarenesses of other communities and cultures

  • stimulated senses of adventure


Referral Program FAQS

When is GLASS?
We are hosting six, 10-day GLASS sessions this summer on our Beyond Sports Campus in Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica. Our sessions run from June through August. Referrals are able to attend the GLASS session that works best in their summer schedules. 

How many students do I have to refer?
You can refer as few and as many students as you like. We do not have any minimum requirements in order to sign up for our Referral Program.

Do my referrals receive a discount for GLASS?
Yes! All referrals will receive a $250 discount to apply toward their GLASS experience.

How do I refer students?
Once you sign up for our Referral Program, we will direct you to our Referral Program Portal where you can access our student referral form. 

Thank you in advance for your support of our mission to empower female leaders!

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