A Quick Guide to Planning and Preparing for College Tours

Get Your Questions Answered

After taking a look at your Tour Invitation and browsing our website, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff with any questions. We are here for you during the decision making process. With limited time to register for the tour, make sure to contact your tour coordinator if you are interested in joining a tour, but need more time to make a decision!



Indicate Interest

Use the Tour Code provided in your invitation to complete the “Accept Your Invitation” form on the webpage. If you accept your invitation, an email will be sent to you with next steps for registration. No payment is due at the time of registration. Did you know parents and family members are allowed to join the tour as well? See your tour page for family registration details, cost, and deadlines.


Trip Planning & Deadlines

Pay special attention to the registration and payment deadlines outlined on your tour webpage as well as in the initial email. Create an account in our registration portal. Start the passport application process if you don't have one already. Make sure your passport is valid 6 months past your date of departure. The information you provide in the registration portal allows us to begin the trip planning process, so it is important that you complete your registration profile in its entirety as soon as possible. 


Pre-Departure Information

Prior to your departure, we will send out the following information to all travelers:

- Hub Airport Information – Flight information/booking directions for travel to Hub Airports will be shared with you 4 months before departure. If flights are not included in your program (Costa Rica Tours) you'll receive booking directions 4 months before departure. We'll request your flight itinerary to and from Costa Rica as well, so we can coordinate airport transfers.

- Pre-Departure Guide – 4-6 weeks before departure, a pre-departure guide that includes an updated itinerary, list of tour participants, hotel accommodations, suggested packing list and staff contact information will be shared. 

- Final Reminders – Travel reminders, airport meeting information, and a final itinerary is provided 2 weeks before departure.


Attend Your Beyond

Sports Tour!

Grab your passport and connect the world through sports with us!

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