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NCAA's preeminent international sport tour and study abroad program with 20 team trips, 300 study abroad athletes and 400 individual college tour athletes in 2018 alone. As an industry leader in international travel for NCAA athletes with an alumni base of 2,700 student-athletes and 150 college coaches.

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Power of Sport

We strive to provide a balance of cultural immersion, historical learning, and international competition. We hope to give the athletes an opportunity to experience sport from an international perspective and become immersed in a different culture. Our high school tours provide the opportunity to meet other athletes from across the country and world and give the students an opportunity to explore communities and gain an appreciation for other cultures.

Customer Experience

At Beyond Sports, we put the safety and welfare of our student-athletes at the top of our priority list. Not only do we strive for a once-in-a-lifetime athletic experience, we are committed to ensuring our travelers are well informed. On every tour, we provide a full-time Beyond Sports employee. In addition, our tour guides and bus drivers provide in-country expertise during all high school tours.  


Travel With Us To...

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  • Australia

  • Costa Rica

  • Italy

  • Panama

  • Spain

  • South Africa

Team Trip Destinations by Sport

Girls Soccer
Costa Rica, Spain, Italy


Girls Volleyball

Costa Rica, Spain, Italy

Girls Basketball
Costa Rica, Spain, Italy


​Girls Lacrosse


Australia, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy South Africa

Field Hockey
Australia, South Africa

Boys Soccer
Costa Rica, Spain, Italy


Boys Volleyball
Costa Rica, Spain, Italy


Boys Basketball
Costa Rica, Spain, Italy


Boys Lacrosse


Costa Rica, Panama


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