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This page is not up to date.

Sorry about that. If you're looking to get in contact with one of our staff please refer to the OUR TEAM page, SCHEDULE CALL or complete a contact form on our home page.

Have questions?
Join a conference call!

We offer conference calls to answer common questions about our tours. So whether you already accepted your invitation, or are considering and just want to learn more, please join us on one of these conference calls to ask questions or just listen in. You never know who else might have the same questions as you! You can also schedule a personal call at a time that's convenient for you right here.

How to join a call:

Simply join the call by going to 

or calling 206-257-7814 at the time of the conference call.

No PIN needed.​


Use 'Audio Options' on the blue tool bar on the top left of the page to select your phone or computer to listen. If you are "View Only" you will not be able to hear the call. 

Conference Call Schedule (by country):

All times are listed in Pacific Standard Time

Australia Tours with Ryan Bourke

December 15th @ 4:00pm PST

December 18th @ 3:00pm PST

December 19th @ 10:00am PST

January 3rd @ 10:00am PST

January 4th @ 10:00am PST

January 12th @ 5:00pm PST

Costa Rica Soccer Tours with Silvia Betancourt

December 18th @ 8:00am PST

January 4th @ 8:00am PST

January 11th @ 8:00am PST

January 22nd @ 8:00am PST

Costa Rica Volleyball Tours with Marce Araya

December 18th @ 4:00pm PST

January 4th @ 5:00pm PST (with Ryan Bourke)

January 12th @ 8:00am PST

January 23rd @ 8:00am PST

Italy Tours with Josh Erickson

February 1st @ 5:00pm PST

February 5th @ 10:00am PST

February 7th @ 10:00am PST

February 13th @ 5:00pm PST

February 15th @ 10:00am PST

February 19th @ 5:00pm PST

February 21st @ 2:00pm PST


South Africa Tours with Erin Norris

December 5th @ 5:00pm PST

December 13th @ 6:00pm PST

December 28th @ 10:00am PST

January 10th @ 5:00pm PST (with Ryan Bourke)

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